The Central Florida Cross Network is a unique organization. We believe that God is transforming Central Florida and He has allowed us to be a part of that transformation. We are an organization that has outreach into four of the five counties of Central Florida at the present and we believe that there is more to come.

As a single church organization we have one common mission and one vision. But we are 6 very different witnesses to that mission in our various locations around Central Florida. At the present we are 5 churches and one Pre-K to 12th Grade school. Together our churches number more than 1500 souls and our school has over 400 students. We believe that we can function most efficiently as one 501c3 organization with one board and one budget. We use a central administration for economy of scale.

We also believe that church plants work best if completely supported by the whole organization. Therefore in our budgeting process we plan on supporting new church plants on a decreasing amount for the first three years as they become self-supporting. In addition, each of the five departments cover their own costs as they work to add to the bottom line.

Our board is a representative type of governance with people from each facet of the organization on the board. These people representing the churches and school look at the “big picture” of the organization and are fiscally responsible for every aspect of the organization. In this structure the executive pastor is responsible to the board and oversees all the staff . The head pastor from each church and the Director of Education along with the Chief Operating Officer form the executive team and work with the Executive Pastor to administer each of the departments of the organization.

Ministries & Communities

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy

  • Upper School
    Sanford, FL
  • Lower School
    Sanford, FL

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