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To fulfill our mission of bringing Jesus to everyone by meeting the needs of the community and growing the faith of all who believe, the Central Florida Cross Network has committed to becoming a community of 8 churches and a K-12 Christian School by the year 2020 while building up area non-profit organizations.

Each ministry in the Central Florida Cross Network will be raising funds over the next 3 years to plant 3 new churches, build existing ministries, and build our communities by supporting non-profits, providing micro-business loans and creative community programming.

Plant Churches

Build Our Existing Ministries

Build our Community

$2,250,214 in Pledges

The Central Florida Cross Network is network of Christian churches and schools with the shared mission of bringing Jesus to everyone by meeting the needs of the community and growing the faith of all who believe. The Central Florida Cross Network presently includes: Holy Cross Lake Mary, Holy Cross Lutheran Academy, theCross Mount Dora, The Cross Orlando, New City Church and The Table.
Vision 2020

God is transforming Central Florida by empowering and equipping Central Florida Cross Network to be a growing network of congregations and non-profit service organizations pursuing a Live Love Learn approach to Life.


In 2010, the Central Florida Cross Network set out to develop 7 new outreach areas for service and worship, involve 10,000 people in active ministries of service, be a top school in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and cultivate millions of dollars in planned giving for the many ministries of the network by the year 2020.

SinceĀ 2010, the Central Florida Cross Network has grown by 4 churches, built The Oasis Homeless Center, started Hand In Hand Ministry, founded, held a series of mission trips to the Guatemala mission and established a dormitory there, acquired the land and building that allowed us to start offering High School, refreshed the Lake Mary Campus while expanding the space for 3 of our 4 churches, and so much more. God has truly done more than we had ever imagined.


  • Plant new churches in order to fulfill our Vision 2020 goals.
  • Grow our ministry in Lake Mary and be able to fund the non profit community with generous grants over the next three years.
  • Assist Holy Cross Lutheran Academy as they expand up through the 12th grade.

$934,913 in Pledges


  • Start one new church plant.
  • Make preparations so our ministry can continue to grow and expand when necessary.
  • Give even greater financial and volunteer support to our community partners.

$903,657 in Pledges


  • Develop a Master plan for the Aero Lane property to include space for a gymnasium, sports fields and better parking.
  • Strengthen the resources supporting our K-12 program to better prepare citizens for the 21st century.
  • Improve our sports fields and facilities to increase service to the community.

$244,204 in Pledges


  • Help plant more churches in the area.
  • Move into a new place Downtown to better accommodate our growing family.
  • Establish a service project/mission grant fund, an entrepreneurial revolving fund and a counseling co-pay fund.

$61,780 in Pledges


  • Assist in planting new churches in the area.
  • Upgrade our new space so it can better serve our community and support our ministries.
  • Support ministries of creativity, counseling, and on-going series of conferences.

$65,500.00 in Pledges


  • Continue to grow as a family of faith seeking to give people a place to belong and empower them for a life of action.
  • Grow together as individuals exploring how to help one another and our community to experience more of who God is and who He has called us to be.
  • Identify ways to remain outwardly focused, serving in the community by partnering with those inside and outside of our church body to do so.

$49,160 in Pledges

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  • Community. We are not meant to walk this journey by ourselves. How have others helped you on your walk with Christ? How has Christ equipped you to help others?